Liquid Milky Gloss lipstick with glitter for juicy lips!

Key Features
New improved formula – semi non transfer

Milky Gloss

Long lasting

Contains glitter

Great feeling on the lips

Contains formula for extra care & hydration on the lips

Lips look full, soft, healthy & shiny

Can be used over classic lipstick stick to add shine with pink glitter

0.20fl oz / 6ml

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Glitter Lip Gloss Addict No G03


The new improved formula of the Milky Gloss Addict liquid lipstick offers XXL juicy lips for many hours with a semi non transfer effect.

Extra shiny effect thanks to the pink glitter it contains.

Cool and light feeling on the lips.



Apply on the lips starting from the centre towards the edges.

Tip: Apply dido Waterproof Lip Pencil and dido Creamy Lipstick on your lips and then apply your Gloss Addict Lip Gloss.