Body butter for hydration and fragrance that lasts!


Key Features

Vegan Formula

Silky, non-stick composition

Deep hydration of the skin

Intoxicating aroma of delicious chocolate

Velvety soft skin

Contains vitamins E, C, F

Contains aloe

Contains shea butter

Contains almond oil

Contains the plant extract Imperata Cylindrica

Cruelty Free


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Mythic Skin Body Butter Chocolate Desire is suitable for all skin types. Its silky and rich, non-sticky composition is enriched with shea butter that nourishes the skin as well as vitamins E, C, F and aloe that have a soothing effect. Almond oil and plant extract Imperata Cylindrica deeply moisturize so that the skin is velvety soft and healthy. Its formula is rich in ingredients of plant origin.

Apply to your body 1-2 times a day with gentle movements. For longer aroma and hydration, apply the product as soon as you finish taking a bath.