Long lasting moisturizing lipstick with glitter. It delivers a satin effect and soft, rich lips from morning to night!


Key Features

Long duration

Contains glitter & pearls

Satin effect

Moisturizes the lips

Elasticity and comfort on the lips

The lips seem to have more volume

Contains castor oil

Contains tocopherol for antioxidant action

Light diffusion formula

Cruelty free

Manufactured in Greece



Long-lasting moisturizing lipstick enriched with glitter that gives elasticity, comfort and lip gloss. Thanks to its light diffusion formula, your lips will look bigger and richer.



Design the outline of your lips with Dido Waterproof Lip Pencil and then apply Dido Long Lasting Lipstick No 2017 from the center outwards.

Tip: For fuller lips apply Gloss Toper over lipstick.