Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Pencil.


Key Features


Long duration, 6-8 hours

Fixed result

Soft composition for easy application

Nourishing on the lips

Contains natural wax


Series of long lasting Waterproof Lip Pencils. They are stable so that they don’t stretch out of the lip line and they are soft for easy application. The enriched formula of Waterproof Lip Pencil No 27 with natural wax nourishes the lips and prevents dryness.



Give perfect lip formation by following the natural lines. You can use the double sharpener to get the right tip on the Waterproof Lip Pencil No 27  and create the perfect outline.


Tip: For greater effect, apply the pencil on the entire surface of the lip.

Extra Tip: For juicy lips, use Dido Creamy Lipstick over the lips’ outline.