Mechanical Shimmer & Shine lip pencil with slim pearl for shiny velvet effect!


Key Features

Long duration, up to 8 hours

Stable result

Bright color

Soft composition for easy application

Nourishes the lips

Contains natural wax

Contains Vitamin E

No perfume

Suitable for sensitive skin

Cruelty free


Twist Lip Pencil Shimmer & Shine No 18


New series of mechanical lip pencils with thin pearl for a glamorous result that lasts many hours! The result is creamy and velvety leaving a lovely feel on the lips. Its built-in special scraper helps maintain the perfect pencil tip for flawless outline.



Give the perfect formation to the lips by following the natural lines. With the right tip on the pencil, you can make the perfect outline.

Tip: For a fuller effect, cross the entire surface of the lips with the pencil.

Extra Tip: For juicy lips and complete effect apply over the outline dido Long Lasting Lipstick No 2018!