Liquid Milky Gloss lipstick for XXL juicy lips!

Key Features

New improved formula – semi non transfer

Milky Gloss

Long lasting

Perfect covering colour

Great feeling on the lips

Contains formula for extra care & hydration on the lips

Lips look full, soft, healthy & shiny

Can be used on its own or combined with the classic lipstick/lip liner of your choice

0,20fl oz / 6ml

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Milky Lip Gloss Addict No G04

The new improved formula of the Milky Gloss Addict liquid lipstick offers XXL juicy lips for many hours with a semi non transfer effect.

Extra shiny effect and perfect coverage colour.

Cool and light feeling on the lips.



Apply onto lips starting from the centre towards the edges.


Tip: Apply dido Waterproof Lip Pencil and dido Creamy Lipstick on your lips and then apply your Gloss Addict Lip Gloss.