Liquid Concealer with soft composition and incredibly effective coverage of imperfections!


Key Features

Long duration, up to 16 hours

Full coverage

Uniform matte effect

It leaves no lines

It doesn’t break

Light diffusion formula

Photo friendly

It contains no parabens

It has no fragrance

Cruelty free

Dermatologically Checked

Manufactured in Greece



Perfect Cover Liquid Concealer No 101 formula offers perfect coverage of imperfections and uniform matte effect. Thanks to its soft brush-sponge, the application on the skin is easy. As a result it leaves no lines. Above all , it gives your face a natural matte finish that lasts up to 16 hours.



Apply directly to areas that need coverage. Gently apply the product with your fingers or use Concealer Brush No 11  for a more professional effect. For extra coverage and complete makeup use dido Velvet Touch Liquid Foundation.