Mascara that increases the length of the lashes and separates them from each other. It highlights the look making it irresistible!


Key Features

Absolute elongation in the eyelids

Separates each eyelash

It does not create knots

It offers hydration

Lightweight feel

Intense colour

Contains silicone & polymer microspheres to help elongate & increase volume

Contains natural wax that nourishes and provides healthy luster to the eyelids

It has no fragrance

Cruelty free



Dido XXL Long Lash Mascara Green spreads perfectly. It contains a formula that increases the volume on the lashes and separates them without sticking to each other. You can evenly spread the color from the roots to the edges emphasizing the look, without creating knots.



Apply dido Mascara on the upper and lower lashes from root to tip.


Tip: For more eye intensity use dido Super Black Liquid Eyeliner.