Long-lasting, precision Waterproof Eye Pencil for magnetizing look.


Key Features


Long duration, 6-8 hours

Fixed result

Soft composition for easy application

Nourishing the eyes

Contains natural wax

It has no fragrance

Cruelty free

Ophthalmologically tested


A series of waterproof eye pencils that last for many hours. Stable so it doesn’t smudge and soft for easy application. The enriched formula of Waterproof Eye Pencil No 07 with natural wax nourishes the eyes and prevents dryness.



Give your eyes the intensity you desire for a magnetizing look. Apply Waterproof Eye Pencil No 07 on the eyelids, on the waterline or inside the eye line. You can even create an eyeliner line to create  smokey effect. To control the movements it is important to have a proper pencil tip, which you can have with the double sharpener.